Our mission at Pay Love Forward is to build compassionate communities. We believe that our greater community here in Billings is full of potential and of people who can join in this process of building organic self-sustaining communities where people take care of each other. A community can be built around anything meaningful and purposeful from rock climbing to chess to bowling, but the essential component is the value system of service and an orientation towards others. All of us have the capacity to contribute in profound and unique ways that can lead to incredible healing and growth. To build these kinds of communities successfully, we need leaders and mentors with the skills to be able to work with others. We believe that the mentor/mentoree relationship is one of the most powerful and dynamic relationships essential in establishing and maintaining healthy communities. Through the Center for Mentoring, Coaching, and Leadership Development, we offer trainings in order to equip new leaders with the skill they need to work with others in healing and compassionate ways.

Mentor-Coaching Seminar

We are very pleased to offer our introductory course, Mentoring and Coaching Seminar, through Udemy for free. This 3-hour course will introduce you to compassionate listening and the transformational process of mentoring and coaching. This is a great place to develop some of the skills involved in compassionate leadership. At Pay Love Forward, we believe that compassionate listening is integral to improving relationships and building compassionate communities.

Click here for a the FREE course.

Seminar and Coaching Skills Training

The skills of compassionate listening, the IDEA methodology, and Discovery Learning are essential pieces of healthy relationships. These skills are not specific to traditional mentor coach relationships but are applicable to all dimensions of our lives. Learning to really listen to others, defined by Dr. Paul Leavenworth, as "the willingness to hear the story within the story," improves all of our relationships, from marriages to parenting children to our relationships with our collogues. After completing our introductory seminar and skills training course, you can qualify for our mentor/coach certification process where you will sharpen your skills and begin to engage with others in mentoring relationships.