Building Your Own Community

If you have a vision for creating your own community, Pay Love Forward is here to support you. We want to give you the resources, training, and outreach to have a positive impact on others. Compassionate communities have two things, a shared objective, and a shared ethic. The objective is up to you. Maybe you are a fly fisherman or love the game of chess. Maybe you have found that crocheting or cooking a fancy meal helps your mental health. The objective is outcome-based and involves a skillset. Most people are experts in something. They have intimate knowledge of historical cinema or are auto mechanics and want to teach others basic car maintenance. You might surprise yourself even as I describe the infinite variety of activities that could qualify as an objective for a compassionate community. Chances are, you have some deep well of knowledge that only you have.

IThe second essential component of a compassionate community is a shared ethic. At Pay Love Forward, we say what we stand for and are here to do. We talk about our beliefs. At the beginning of every Pay Love Forward group, we ask a question. “What does it mean to Pay Love Forward?” To us, it means that acts of service and kindness can have an exponential effect on the world around us. Compassion spreads. If you show kindness towards two others, and they, in turn, show kindness to two others, the ripples can be infinite. We can change the world. At Pay Love Forward, changing the world is exactly what we are here to do. If you want to start your own Pay Love Forward community, you are signing up for that ethic. You are making a public statement that you want to put something positive out there. We want your creativity and passion. Perhaps what you create is something only you are capable of.

IPay Love Forward group founders must pass a background check and be enrolled in certification through the Center for Mentoring, Coaching, and Leadership Development through Grandview University or have equivalent training. To begin founding a group, you must complete the prerequisites for training and have applied for our mentoring and coaching certification. Our mentor coach training emphasizes compassionate listening, which we believe is an essential component of assisting others towards growth and healing.

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