Mural Contest

Hello, Pay Love Forward community,

I am so excited to announce our next big project. In collaboration with the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Yellowstone Valley (SPCYV), the Jaycees, and Elyssa Leininger, we will paint a mural that emphasizes community compassion and connection and raises awareness of the national crisis number 988.

Elyssa Leininger is a well-known artist here in Billings, both for her Western art and mural work, including her work. Learn more about Elyssa and read about her mural work.

Better yet, go for a drive and see her beauty and courage for yourself beneath the 6th St. North and 13th St. underpasses.

Currently, we have the funding and the artist. All we need is a location. We are taking submissions to find a location from now until July 1st. If you know of a location or a business that would be willing to donate space and host this mural, please submit your entry at

At the end of July, submissions will be voted on by our committed members based on mission-aligned criteria. Elyssa's mission is to bring beauty to places that have been neglected and forgotten. At Pay Love Forward, it is our fundamental belief that we combat despair with hope and meaning. We are so excited to host this contest and help bring beauty and light into the darkness.

We are hoping to get the community involved in this amazing project in as many ways as we can. Once we break ground, we will be looking to support Elyssa in any way we can. Murals go a lot faster when there are helping hands, so we will be looking for young artists and community members to help with this process. Let's get involved and keep making Billings the amazing city it is!

Thanks for being a part of this!

Your friends at Pay Love Forward

Pay Art Forward